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Bless Unleashed Announces Improvements To PC Version Ahead Of Next CBT2

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Bless Unleashed took to its Steam community to highlight some of the changes the team is implementing for the upcoming second closed beta test on PC.

The team listened to feedback from the first beta - which Bless' devs state a large part of the feedback centered on the control scheme. As such, the team behind the MMO is making a few changes to how you input skills, as well as adding the ability to change keybinds, and more.

The first addition is the input method - changing skills that required a held button to a simple toggle. While there is still an induction time like when the key was held previously, you no longer need to hold the input down, instead the game recognizes the pressed key as a hold according to the post.

When using a skill, the key is not pressed continuously like the Hold Key, but rather when the key is pushed once, it is recognized as a Hold, and the skill is automatically activated after the required time elapses.

Additionally, the team is adding control customization, as well as giving you the ability to bind  to the 4 and 5 buttons on mice, further allowing users to customize the experience. Many mice nowadays use more than just those two buttons - with many having upwards of 12 different buttons on MMO mice specifically. We reached out to PR to clarify if those would also be included, with the team confirming that all mice buttons are bindable.

It's important to note that those mouse keys need to be specifically selected as the input as Bless Unleashed doesn't assign anything to them by default.

The team is always tweaking out of combat sprint time, increasing the time spent sprinting from the default 6 seconds. Battle sprint time, though, is unaffected. Sprinting has also been changed from a toggle to a hold, allowing you to sprint specifically as long as you want.

Other changes coming to the upcoming CBT2 tests is the addition of an auto-run toggle, creating a slot system to skip the annoying belt scroll to use items like potions and more, improvements to the UI to make it less console-y. You can read up on the full changes on Steam. And in case you missed it, check out Emily's thoughts on the first PC test of Bless Unleashed


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