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Bless Unleashed AMA Discusses Race-Locked Classes and More

Forced PvP also discussed

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent AMA for Bless Unleashed has provided some details surrounding race-locked classes and more.

Regarding the race-locked classes, Community Manager Stormshade confirmed that classes are race locked for story purposes,

“The Classes in Bless Unleashed are race locked for story purposes. However, we are always listening to user feedback, and no that there are people who would like this removed. We'll consider it for a future update, but not likely one that will come any time soon.”

Sticking with classes, multiple questions were asked if other classes are in development, the addition of a FOV slider, an iframe added to dodge, and potential of adding hyper armor to melee attacks. Stormshade replied,

  1. "We would love to add more classes to the game later down the line.
  2. We've slightly pulled back the camera from previous versions of the game for launch. We know some players would like the ability to customize it more, and are looking at ways to provide this without having too large an impact on the game visuals and balance.
  3. There is an iframe in dodge already. However, due to the nature of the game, some players may notice it differently than others (latency has an effect on this), and it does not protect from ALL attacks."

An additional question was asked regarding if there were any plans to changed forced PvP, and letting people choose by incentivizing them. Stormshade responded with,

“Please see our response above:

In regards to open world PvP, we're taking a few different steps:

  1. We will be increasing the penalties for players who actively player kill. This will increase the rate at which players receive bad karma, and increase the amount of time it takes for PKers to return to a non-outlaw status. Players will also now be attacked by guards after reaching their first Outlaw level. The devs have already sent us this update and we're testing it now.
  2. We'll be further increasing safe zones to include Field Boss locations, and are looking at creating safe posts around all teleposts as well.
  3. We will also be implementing a system to encourage players to hunt down PKers in the very near future. They will be rewarded with Honor Points, and other items.”


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