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Bless Unleashed Adds Six New Time Dungeons, Field Boss, Duels and More in Major Update

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 There’s a brand new major update for Bless Unleashed, with six new Time Dungeons, including a completely new one, new Lair challenges, new S+ equipment, a brand new field boss, and the start of the brand new PVP season.

The endgame content added should keep higher-level players busy, along with the new PVP season “Rising Dawn“. So what can you expect from the six new Time Dungeons? Well, one of them is brand new and appearing on the PC version first, Infernal Execution Grounds. Three of the new dungeons are Lairs: the Harpy Queen's Nest, Chamber of the Ancients, and Archon of Fire. Two of the new ones are also Abyssal dungeons, Dreamscale Ruins - Hall of the Eclipse and Rutus Mines - Halls of the Dead. All of these dungeons require level 40 and a gear score of 1516. If you make it through the challenges within, you'll be able to earn newly-introduced S+ grade equipment as your prize.

These new Time Dungeons will open up gradually according to a new schedule and you’ll be seeing some in the rotation from October 28-November 3rd.

The Warlords Arena PVP feature has also undergone some changes. Characters who enter will all be set to the same level and basic stats for their class, and what will make the difference will be each character's equipment effects, Blessings, and their skills. Another new system will let players engage in 1v1 duels. If your taste of PVP is more one-on-one then group fights, now you have a new option.

If you’re looking for a new challenge in the world itself, check out the new field boss, the Twisted Void Soulraiser, which you can find in North Sperios. He’s designed for level 42 and above, so make sure you’re ready.

For the complete details on the Bless Unleashed update, check the release notes here.


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