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Bless Online's Rift of Space & Time & Random Dungeon Queue Coming Next Week

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The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with a preview of a random dungeon and the Rift of Space & Time that will be released on September 5th. Both are aimed squarely at level 45 players. 

The Rift of Space & Time "offers players a new type of end-game quest". It is a 2-stage wave defense type of activity that also features a random map, random monsters, and spans 20-rounds. Working through one offers players bracelets, a new type of equipment.

Upon clearing rounds, players will receive Marks of Space and Time, which can then be used at the Shop NPC to obtain items such as Summon Scrolls. Summon Scrolls will come in handy when executing your strategic gameplans to clear all 20 rounds! But beware, Marks of Space and Time cannot be cached, but will instead disappear upon completion of the Rift of Space and Time, or simply when the instance ends; so use them while you have them!

The Random Dungeon allows players of level 45 to solo queue 2x per day for a chance at looting "Pure Moonlight Powder, Mysterious Mount Lucky Boxes, Mysterious Puzzle Lucky Boxes and more.

Check out the full details on the Bless Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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