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Bless Online to Receive a Big Balance Update on March 27th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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On March 27th, Bless Online will be getting the "long awaited class balance update". Many of the balance changes being applied have come as a result of community feedback including PvE/PvP balance changes, a new 5th set of skills for each class, dismantling improvements, dodge/skill chaining mechanics tweaks and improvements to player inventory size.

  • Skill Progression We will be making modifications to skill progression and growth to make skill growth more rewarding. We felt previously that the effects gained from growing skills felt somewhat insignificant - now skill progression should feel better and more satisfying.  
  • New 5th Tactic A new 5th tactic will be added to expand the possible variety of combat experiences for each class. The Guardian’s new tactic, “Guardian of Darkness,” will be balanced between attack and defense. The Ranger will get the new “Survival Instinct” tactic, unsurprisingly focused around survival. The Paladin’s “Wide Area” tactic will contain skills meant to be used over large areas. The Assassin’s “Throw” tactic is centered around keeping long range attackers in check and survivability. The Berserker’s “Charge” tactic focuses on closing the gap, and the Mage’s “Fusion Element” tactic is a versatile set of skills that are best put to use supporting a party or raid group. Please keep in mind that the tactic names have not yet been finalized!  
  • Skill Chaining After the balance update, if a player misses during a skill chain, the chain will continue to increase regardless. Additionally, if a player uses a normal skill during a skill chain, the chain will no longer break.  
  • Dismantling After the update, the dismantling functionality will be improved so that multiples of an item can be dismantled at one time.  
  • Expanded Inventory We will be increasing the amount of inventory slots available for players’ convenience.

Check out the more specific information by visiting the Bless Online Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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