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Blazing Skies Update to be Deployed October 13th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Allods Online will be coming down for maintenance in the early hours of October 13th to deploy the Blazing Skies update. The content expansion brings a lot of great new features to explore including a smoother path to join in raid adventures for single players through the implementation of Raid Search.

In addition, players can look forward to:

  • significant improvements to player  allod defense mazes
  • the ability to test defensive mazes
  • new titles for winners in the Arena of Heroes
  • single players & incomplete parties will gain the ability to participate in 3v3 / 6v6 combat
  • practice skills and tactics in a training version of Misty Glade
  • Arisen and Gibberling races will be able to become Engineers
  • two new Astral allods will become available for treasure hunters

Read more about Blazing Skies on the Allods Online site.


Suzie Ford

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