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Blankos Block Party's Mythical Marketplace Makes Move to Beta

Steven Weber Posted:
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Blankos Block Party has announced the next phase of their Mythical Marketplace, a place where players can sell the NFT Accessories and Characters they buy or earn in game. In addition to the new phase of development, Mythical will make it easier than ever to withdraw funds through their integration with Uphold, a multi-asset digital currency platform.

In the latest blog post by Mythical Games, the team talks about the transition of their Mythical Marketplace into Beta, and how that transition will affect current and future players. The Mythical Marketplace runs both inside and outside of Blankos Block Party, where players can view their Non-Fungible Token Assets like accessories of Blankos, and place them for sale at their desired asking price. Earlier this month, we wrote about the release of their latest Blanko, Pug Life, and included some information about how much the Mythical Marketplace has grown, with some Blankos selling for thousands of dollars.

The transition of the Marketplace to Beta will bring with it a new way to add or withdraw funds in BBP. If players wish to withdraw funds from their Mythical Wallet, they will need to create an Uphold account, and then link it with the Mythical Marketplace via the Settings Page. This change will go into effect September 30th, and will affect all players, even those that have placed Blankos for sale prior to the changeover date.

The change to Uphold will aid in making withdrawals easier as Mythical prepares for global support, but if you have questions as to whether your country will be able to withdraw funds after September 30th, check out this comprehensive listing provided by Uphold to determine if your country is supported. BBP is an open-world MMO where players can create their own mini-games for others to participate in and explore. Blankos Block Party is currently still in Early Access, though anyone can download and play the game for free as Mythical Games pushes their development towards a full free to play release.


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