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Blankos Block Party Warns 5 Blankos 'Will Not be Coming Back in the Store Ever Again'

Mythical Games Says Don't Blink on these Blankos

Steven Weber Posted:
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Mythical Games is putting the squeeze on players that are interested in securing a full virtual roster of Blankos on their Blankos Block Party shelf. Five of the current Season 0 Blankos, which are only available in the Private Beta, will be gone December 10th, guaranteeing their rarity for future generations to marvel at.

Although the characters, and the designs themselves, have not been said to be removed in perpetuity, the designation of a Season 0 foot-tag will never be available again, making Season 0 characters the first set of extremely rare Blankos to hit the game. In Blankos Block Party the block-chain based virtual goods can (and inevitably will) be sold for real money, with limited quantities of certain Blankos asserting their superiority by way of rarity, as the game transitions into new Seasons.

What does it all mean? It means that, if Blankos Block Party ends up etching out a strong collection-based economy, these Blankos may be the first, or potentially the most, coveted characters as the game matures. As some old Blankos are removed, new Blankos will become available on the store, and the team at Mythical plans to tease some of them throughout the lead up to opent beta.

You can learn more about the block-chain based aspects of Blankos Block Party in a recent interview we did with Mythical Games.  Blankos Block Party will hit Open Beta December 10th, which not-so-coincidentally will be the end of the availability for Season 0 Blankos.


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