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Blankos Block Party to Drop Pug Life NFT September 15th as Mythical Marketplace Grows

Steven Weber Posted:
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As we head into a year of Blankos Block Party since the private beta, the growing party game is introducing yet another limited edition Blanko to its roster called Pug Life. Pug Life is the latest design to drop from popular vinyl toy artist Kronk.

The latest NFT Pug Life is set to release September 15th with a mint of 5000. The maximum number of Pug Life Blankos you can buy will be 16, and each Blanko will sell for 49.99. Lately, Blankos that have newly launched on the market with a limited mint are selling out quickly. For example, the Sharky B Blanko, designed by Burberry released August 11th for 299.99. There were only 750 total Sharky B Blankos, and they sold out in under one minute.

Currently, players looking to buy Blankos past their initial sale date will have to head over to the Mythical Marketplace, a market specifically designed for players to buy and sell the Blankos and NFT accessories that they own. At the moment Sharky B sells for no less than $1375.00 on the marketplace. Other less rare Blankos often don’t see that kind of success, but the number of trades in the Mythical Marketplace has taken off since the market Alpha went public with their Extended Alpha, back in August.

Whether you’re interested in scouting the Mythical Marketplace for your very own Blanko, or you’re going to take your chances at picking up the latest drop Pug Life, you can always pop into the game and earn your own Blankos and accessories through the Party Pass, which is available to anyone who joins the game.  The current Party Pass, Hustle & Glow, will run through October 6th, and players can expect more free NFT’s headed down the pipe when new Party Passes release.


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