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Blankos Block Party Hits Open Beta December 10

Founders Packs details too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blankos Block Party has announced an open beta for December 10. Here are the details.

Private beta has seen the game receive 100,000 registered accounts. As a result, the team has shared max supply counts for the following packs:

  • Boss Pack — 3,500
  • Bite Me Pack — 4,500
  • Tako Pack — 5,500
  • Ice Pack — 6,500

They’ll be closing Founder’s Pack sale on Sunday, December 13. As to what’s new for open beta, look forward to changes in the Junction in addition to new content and new Blankos. Be sure to keep your eyes on the official Discord if you’re interested.

Recently, we hosted a developer technology interview which you can read here. The interview touches on blockchain and how it’s integral to the game. when asked why blockchain was selected, enior Vice President of Business Development Rudy Koch replied in part,

“We are excited about paradigms surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the tokenization for digital game assets. We love the idea of true ownership, verifiable scarcity, and community driven markets and economies.”


Poorna Shankar