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Blade & Soul's New Dungeon Previewed, and Vipercap Cavern Event Will Reward You Better If You're Quick

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 Blade & Soul is previewing its next solo dungeon, which is arriving this Wednesday with the new Dawn Of Darkness update. The NCSoft team is also previewing the snowy Vipercap Cavern, which is returning. 

When it comes to the new solo dungeon, Shrouded Ajanara, it will be available as usual with easy, normal, and hard difficulties with scaling rewards. This will be available for level 60 HMm 25 + and follow the previous dungeons to add continued lore.

“Grandmaster Nayul has invited you to join him for his training at the Ajanara Monastery. When you two meet he reveals to you that he has been sensing a shift in the realm that may endanger everyone. Is it possible that the Dark Lord is trying to break through the Dark Realm and return?”

In order to unlock the dungeon, you'll have to complete story quests and train yourself to get rewarded and prove yourself as a worthy opponent by defeating Nayul himself. Defeat him under various circumstances to earn achievements. If you defeat him once you'll get an achievement and a new title, but there's even an achievement for defeating him on hard 1,000 times.

Some of the rewards you can get for defeating him include Shrouded Ajanara Special Insignia Chest for easy difficulty, Dawnbright Mystic Badge Chest, and Grandmaster’s Emblem, for normal difficulty, and all of those plus Gilded Square Obsidian, Moontide Psyche, and much more for hard.

Maybe the Frozen Vipercap Cavern is more your thing. The story here involves the cavern manager, Anzhi, who needs your help clearing the place out. If you enter the cavern and defeat the angry mushrooms and finally the boss, it's in your interest to do it as fast as possible. The daily and dynamic quest here will give you guaranteed rewards, but our rewards will vary by your completion time. Your completion time also affects the rewards for defeating the boss.

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