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Blade & Soul's Latest Update Mischief Makers Brings New Events, Summoner Class Specilizations

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Blade & Soul's Mischief Maker update hit yesterday, seeing the Summoner class get some goodies to go along with new events such as the Candycloud Carnival and more. 

NCSoft states that while the Mischeif Makers update may not be that large, it does pack a "mighty punch." Players will note that the update sees the Summoner Class receive its 3rd skill specialization, The Way of Fantasy. This new update brings Summoners a cat in a flying saucer to act as a new familiar. Yup. Blade & Soul's new famliar and skill specilization is available to Summoners who have completed the "Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan" quest. 

"The Mischief Makers update may be small, but it packs a mighty punch! Have fun zipping around the Earthen Realm with a Familiar in a flying saucer by your side! Take part in the Candycloud Carnival to foil party-crashing twins and defeat the Sacred Longgui in Midnight Skypetal Plains for double rewards. Oh, and Summoners, we didn’t forget you; our fantasy becomes your reality with the 3rd Skill Specialization, Way of Fantasy, that helps make the most out of new Familiar abilities."

Additionally, the update brings along with it new events, such as the Candycloud Carnival, Twilight Harvest and more. These events will see new rewards, such as fireworks, pet packs and more and will run from now through May 12th. 

The update also brought with it changes to the Spectral Shrine dungeon, increasing Eva Nakari's HP on Hard, as the team "originally intended." New equipment and items are available as part of the update as well, which you can check out, as well as check out the full update notes here.


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