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Blade & Soul's Halloween Event 'Blade & Ghoul' Is Going On Now

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blade & Soul’s Halloween event, the deviously named Blade and Ghoul, is underway through November 18 with plenty of rewards up for grabs.

You’ll be able to redeem rewards from the event from now until December 16. Event currency this time will include pumpkin taffy, happy Halloween tokens, and letter tiles. You can grab Ghoulish Halloween Treats for free in Hongmoon Store. Do note, there’s a limit of one per account. These treats will contain 40x Halloween Haul, 10x Pumpkin Taffy, and Spellcaster (7-day).

The update also includes new event boxes which you can grab from new dynamic quests. There will also be some new rewards available in the Dragon’s Lair. Additionally, Pet Gems looks like they’re getting a reduced upgrade cost, which is nice.

You can check out what’s all new with the update and Blade and Ghoul here.


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