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Blade & Soul's Grim Tidings Launches Tomorrow, Brings Changes to Items and Systems

Plus new costs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Grim Tidings are almost here as the update launches on Blade & Soul tomorrow, December 16.

The new update brings about several changes to items and systems. For example, Ebon Realm will be a permanent auto-hunting zone. You’ll be able to grab XP in addition to collecting Ebon Blooms from monster drops. Keep in mind, these blooms are pretty fragile and will expire after thre months. Be sure to exchange them with Dragon Trader Asimijin for a bunch of rewards including:

  • Grand Celestial Weapon Chest
  • Incinerator Weapon Chest
  • Celestial Emperor Ring Chest
  • Gilded Square Gem Chest
  • Celestial Emperor Earring Chest
  • Ebon Realm Treasure Chest
  • Grand Celestial Soul Shields
  • Nova Core Soul Shields

There’s also a new soul tier which you can unlock using attack power and critical damage. This soul tier is called Divine Spark and Thunder Spark. If you want to upgrade from True Vitalsurge and True Thunderflux, you’ll have to pay x15 Sacred Vials, x5 Nocturnal Scales, and 300 gold. There’s also a new legendary glove and ring. You can check out the full details here.


Poorna Shankar