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Blade & Soul's Eternal Blade Update Postponed Until February 24th

At Least It's Not Eternal Winter

Steven Weber Posted:
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For those looking forward to Blade & Soul’s next update titled Eternal Blade, you’ll have to wait just a little longer as the update has been delayed due to the winter storms in Texas.

As mentioned in the forum post, the unprecedented weather has caused power outages that prevented the Server Operations team from deploying the updates. The game itself, however, was unaffected during the outages. The Eternal Blade Update that we expected to release on February 17th, will now release February 24th. The reschedule of the update will also change the delivery date of the Zaiwei Raffle Prizes from the 5th anniversary event to February 24th as well.

You may want to check out what you can expect in the Eternal Blade patch, such as the new system and item changes detailed earlier this month.


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