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Blade & Soul's Endless Night Update Is Now Live, Brings Reaver Specialization To Warlocks

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The scythe-wielding Way of the Reaver specialization for Warlocks is live in Blade & Soul, coming to the MMO as part of today's Endless Night update. 

The Endless Night patch is now live in Blade & Soul, bringing with it new events as well as the Warlock specilization. The Way of the Reaver specialization brings with it ways for players to pump out DPS while also buffing their party, and more.

Via the press release this morning: 

"Warlocks will find the Way of the Reaver an excellent specialization to deal continuous damage and provide powerful party buffs. The Martial Tome Talents allow players to further customize their specialization by choosing skills that allow for more mobility or crowd control. Mastering combos to keep up Reaver Stance – the ability to transform into a reaper of souls – will be the cornerstone of this new specialization. Some skills deplete the amount of time left in the transformation, while other skills add to it. In other words: Reap more souls to reap more damage. "

In addition to the Reaver, new events are brought to Blade & Soul as part of the Endless Night update. One event, the Horde and Gourd event sees the "once friendly Dokkaebi of Kaebi village" attack their human neighbors - players will need to defend the humans from the Dokkaebi onslaught. Additionally, the Summer of Enchantment will see Enchantment tickets earned from the Kaebi Village event able to be exchanged in Hongsil's Treasure Draw.

You can check out the full patch notes and event details on the official Blade & Soul website. To see the Reaver specialization in action, be sure to check out the gameplay preview video embedded below.


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