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Blade & Soul's Endless Night Launches On July 14th, Bringing Warlock's 3rd Specialization To The MMO

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Blade & Soul's next update, Endless Night, is launching next week, and with it comes the third Warlock specilization, Way of the Reaver. 

The new class specilization brings with it the ability weild a great scythe in Reaver stance, dealing damage to their foes with "spiritual attacks."

"Reap the souls of your enemy with this new specialization and embrace the spirits that feed into your power. The Warlock welcomes its 3rd specialization, Way of the Reaver, on July 14. Become the angel of darkness when you switch to Reaver stance and wield a great scythe to dish out spiritual attacks."

Also coming with Endless Night is a new encounter in Kaebi Village, which will see players fending off attacks from the Dokkaebi. Players will be tasked with saving the village from the attack, as the Dokkaebi and Kaebi's relationship, which Blade & Soul describes as more of a symbiotic one, has failed.

The Reaver specialization was shown off on a stream today, giving players an early glimpse at the content, as well as the flashy new specilization in action. You can check out the stream in the embed below. Endless Night comes to Blade & Soul on July 14th.


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