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Blade & Soul's Dark Awakening Update Brings a New Dungeon, Battle Pass Season 6 and a New Zone

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Blade & Soul is back with a major update this week with Dark Awakening, which will open Battle Pass Season 6, add a new dungeon, open the Winter Treasure Trove, and much more.

On Wednesday, December 7th, Dark Awakening will add the Chimera Lab, the latest Demonsbane dungeon, which will see the return of the Ebondrake. Chimera Lab will continue the story and follow the end of the Grim Nexus dungeon that came out in the last major update back in October. According to the announcement, “Without saying too much, we can tell you that the story of the twins Starling and Myna is not over yet” and the content will involve some experiments being done by the Ebondrake and lead to what were some abandoned laboratories. 

There are clearly some dark secrets to uncover as you progress the story, and of course, rewards to get your hands on, from gold to supplies. Since this is a Demonsbane dungeon, the four-player content will have 20 stages, each increasing in difficulty.The different stages may also introduce different boss mechanics,  so you'll have to stay on your toes.

The update also opens Battle Pass Season 6, which will run until January 11th, 2023. There are challenges that involve two stages of quest and 20 Battle Pass levels to play through to earn this season's rewards.

The update also brings a brand new zone. Called the Darkweald, You'll be able to explore the new zones solo if you are above level 60 or HM 13 you'll get some quest that will grant you entrance. When you are inside, there are two floors to choose from and your character can actually enable auto combat. Each eligible character will get to spend an hour in the zone, unless you extend that time by using Darkweald hourglasses, which are login reward and Battle Pass items.

Finally, on a festive note, the winter Treasure Trove is back with new Cosmetics, gems, equipment, and much more to enjoy and close out the year. There's also an  the opportunity to get your hands on a brand new mount, the Rainbow Cloud Mount.

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