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Blade & Soul's Cosmic Horizons Introduces a New Class On September 23

Plus new talisman and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Cosmic Horizon update for Blade & Soul arrives on September 23 and brings with a new Astromancer playable class.

Unfortunately, you can only play as the new class if you’re a Lyn race only. As the Astromancer, however, you’ll be able to draw power from the cosmos as you use Way of the Starcaster. This will produce some pretty high burst damage. Alternatively, you can use Way of the Stormweaver for more sustainable damage.

The update also contains a renewal for the Naryu Sanctum, which requires leverl 60 HM 24 or higher. A new talisman tier is also introduced called Overture. You’ll be able to upgrade your talisman for more HP. This will also boost your defensive stats. Once activated, the talisman will trigger the Overture Effect which will boost your Boss Attack Power, Attack Power, Mystic, Critical Damage, Health Regen, and Defense for a limited period of time.

The update also features more events. And if you’re interested in previewing the update, you can catch the live stream from the team on Thursday, September 17 at 11a PDT over on the official Twitch channel.


Poorna Shankar