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Blade & Soul's Blade & Ghoul Halloween Event Going Live October 16

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like Blade & Soul will receive its Halloween-themed event, Blade & Ghoul, on October 16 this year.

The event at Candycloud Park runs from October 16 – November 13, with the redemption period running from October 16 – December 11.

“Papa Pazhu has booked Candycloud Park for his daughter Opal’s birthday. He would love nothing more than for his daughter to spend her birthday enjoying a decadent soirée in the special amusement park nestled in the clouds above Jadestone Village, and celebrate with her favorite heroes, the “Four Guardians.” He’s invited all of Opal’s friends to come and celebrate this special occasion. Unfortunately, two nightmarish troublemakers – Yippi and Skippi – have learned about the party and have decided to crash it.”

You can accept the Candycloud on the Horizon quest from your journal before heading over to Jadestone Village. Once there, go through the portal to enter the Candycloud Park instance. If you defeat Yippi and Skippi, you’ll earn rewards, naturally.

You’ll earn a daily quest upon completion of the introductory quest, rewarding you with one Pumpkin Spice Candy per day. This candy will also be available as a daily login reward.

Check out the full post for which daily quests go live, and rewards for completing raids.


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