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Blade & Soulmate Event Brings Candy Hearts and Sweet Rewards

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The Valentine’s Day themed events continue with Blade & Soul this week. The Blade & Soulmate 2022  event will happen from February 9-March 9th. Expect candy, rewards, and some challenges to keep yourself busy through the month.

There will be three daily challenges where you can obtain one candy heart for participating and four weekly challenges that will also pay out a candy heart each for completing them. There are 12 daily dungeon quests you can also use to get candy hearts at the rate of one per quest you do. Supplementing these are login rewards, with one candy heart awarded after two hours to free players and two candy hearts for premium members. 

If you go to the Dragon Express you can get a Soulmates Crafting Chest. When you do that you’ll level it up by using the candy hearts you’ve collected through your daily and weekly quests. If you level it up to a True Soulmate Crafting Chest and salvage it, you’ll get rewards from a series of guaranteed and possible items.

Guaranteed is 20 Sweetheart coins, which you can exchange at the Dragon Express separately for rewards. You’ll also get one guaranteed item from four possible items: Secret, Soulstone, Moonstone, or Elysian crystal bundle x10, and you’ll also get one item out of nine possible items that include Limitless wings, synthesis stone, a pet pack, or a Sacred Vial.

And if you exchange those Sweetheart coins you can get everything from a Hongmoon Quick XP Charm, Artisan backpack, pet pack, and more. All of the event’s reward redemptions can be done through April 12th so you can take your time up until the event ends on March 9th to rack up as many candy hearts and coins as possible.

For more see the event announcement over at Blade & Soul.


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