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Blade & Soul Winds of Summer Arrives Today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Winds of Summer is the, um, summer update for Blade & Soul and is live today. And there are patch notes to boot discussing various events, content, and more. Here’s what you can expect in this summer update.

Thornwind Cavern is now the dungeon challenge. And if you missed our reporting on Thornwind, be sure to catch up here. Additionally, there are three new events available, with two additional events going live on June 30. Mastery Hongmoon points have been upped to 35 now. And finally, there’s a new Psyche available.

For example, one such event is the Moonlit Event which is live now through July 14. You’ll be able to redeem your rewards from today through August 25. The event currency is the Crescent Emblem. The other two events include Mythical Stone Splendor Upgrade Event and Premium Weald.

Various skills were also touched on for Assassin, Astromancer, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Gunslinger, Kung Fu Master, Summoner, Soul Fighter, Warden, and Zen Archer. For example, some Assassin skill updates include:

  • Hongmoon Training Room
    • Fixed an issue where the dummy boss in the Hongmoon Training Room resisted Daze.
  • All Specializations
    • Fixed an issue with NPCs resisting the Daze effect from Swiftstep.
    • Corrected an issue where Bombard and Twilight Strike were not reducing the cooldowns of Fighting Spirit, Lotus of Escape, and Lotus of Rescue on a hit when the Moonrise Effect granted by a Moonrise Bracelet or the Sky Seer Effect granted by a Sky Seer Bracelet were active.

You can catch the full patch notes here. Recently, Blade & Soul team outlined their Unreal Engine 4 overhaulbringing several modern features to the MMRPG.


Poorna Shankar