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Blade & Soul Wind Chasers Update Coming Next Week With a Windwalking Race Event to Prepare For

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Blade & Soul will get its next update on November 9th. NCSoft will release more details on this smaller update, called Wind Chasers, but we already know to expect a race event as the highlight feature.

NCSoft announced back in the September Producer’s Letter that they would be adjusting their update release cadence. Major content updates will happen on a bimonthly basis, with new game content coming every two months and smaller updates happening in between. Their goal is to release the same amount of content every two months, but focused on six big updates a year instead of having to produce more content monthly. 

Wind Chasers will be one of these lighter updates, since last month’s Symphony of Destruction update brought the Musician class, a whole new optional music system, and much more content to the game. We should still get some more details as the new update gets closer, but having the right expectations seems key, as the update’s initial announcement reminds us all of the new update schedule.

What we do know now is to expect The Great Windwalk Race as the central event. The event’s official description is out, and this is what awaits next week:

“Prepare to experience the wildest race you’ve ever seen in Blade & Soul! Equipped with your agility and windwalking skills, you will compete against fellow crickets to reach the top of the mountain and be declared the winner of the The Great Windwalk Race!”

You can get ready for the event and train your skills. There will, of course, be rewards and goals to meet. 

The Blade & Soul team also promises a minor game update along with this event. Those changes will be revealed when the patch notes are released.

For more on the official event and Wind Chasers, see the announcement over at Blade & Soul.


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