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Blade & Soul Will Add the New Musician Class, Ethereal Battlegrounds, and Lots More in the October 12th Update

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NCSoft is unveiling details about Blade & Soul’s next major expansion, Symphony of Destruction, which will bring a new class, the Musician, a new dungeon, events, and a lot more on October 12th.

The 15th class for Blade & Soul will be the Musician. A female character of Jin, Yun, and Lyn races, the Musician will use a harp to play music and string attacks together using notes and melodies. Musicians can also switch it up and take on a strong team support role. There will be more details to come on the class soon.

Also coming in the update is a new dungeon, Grim Nexus. More trouble is rising in the Earthen realm, and you will investigate the Grimhorn tribes and what they are planning next. Taking place in their village, located inside a giant tree, is the next 4-player Demonsbane dungeon, Grim Nexus. 

Expect the Halloween decorations to also arrive with the update and make the arrival festive and spooky for celebrating. And, of course, competition.

The Ethereal Battlegrounds, taking place on an island that mysteriously vanished and has suddenly reappeared is the latest offering for competitive players. It's your chance to fight for dominance on the island where there's a lot of rare resources, and control up for grabs.

If you’re looking to compete in another way, the new Windwalking race will also come with the update. The parkour-inspired competition promises to take players to new heights.

Treasure Trove will also be making its latest return, with some changes and updates this time around. The team is promising some new rewards, and improvements.

Finally, the update will also bring the usual round of fixes and improvements. We should expect balance changes, new tiers for Ring, Earring, and Talisman,  skill updates, and more.

Read the announcement over at Blade & Soul.


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