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Blade & Soul Treasure Trove Available June 24, Previews Force Master Third Class Specialization

Plus a dev stream

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Blade & Soul has announced that Tropical Treasure Trove will be available on June 24, along with previewing the Force Master Third Class Specialization.

The Treasure Trove is a limited time event for players level 36 and higher. You’ll be able to participate once per day. Basically, if you open the trove, you can buy any of the items within with gold. However, you’ll only be able to buy one item per key. Rewards for the upcoming event include cosmetics, pets, materials, and upgrades. You can learn more here.

The third specialization for Force Master has been previewed as well, focusing on lightning. Called “Way of the Lightning,” this specialization does pretty much what it says on the tin. You’ll be able to summon lightning to destroy your enemies.

There will be two talents called Dark Spark or Light Spark and you must choose between them. This choice will then dictate what skills will be AOE or single target. Various accessories and badges were also outlined in the preview. You can check out the full preview here.

Finally, the team held a live stream earlier today previewing Divine Break. The whole stream is just under 90 minutes in length, but the content doesn’t actually begin until about 10:40 into the stream. You can check out the stream here.


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