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Blade & Soul Thornwind Cavern Dungeon Challenge Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blade & Soul is set to receive the Winds of Summer update on June 16. But before then, there are a few additional events going on right now in the MMO.

The first event is Thornwind Cavern Dungeon challenge. You’ll be able to gather your party and level up during this first season of the challenge. Each week during the challenge, you’ll be able to earn XP charms in addition to Thornwind Challenge Tokens. This will be dependent on your Dungeon Challenge Ranking.

Youl’ll be able to turn in these Thornwind Challenge Tokens at Mushin’s Tower Trader Kangcha in exchange for prizes such as Grand Uzume’s Psyche, and the Custom Beastmaster outfit. You can also purchase previous Dungeon Challenge rewards.

The team also outlines several other events hitting Blade & Soul throughout the summer. You’ll also be able to acquire a Moonlit Soul from Nyero who’s called the Fortune Cat of Zaiwei. This item will allow you to obtain other items. You can also collect some Crescent Emblems through completion of various Daily Quests, Daily Challenges, and Weekly Challenges.

Finally, note the Winds of Summer update is set to release later this month on June 16. For more details on the dungeon challenge and summer events, check out this full post here. You may have heard Blade & Soul is receiving an upgrade to Unreal Engine 4. You can learn about that overhaul here. Recently, the Winds of Rage update launched and brought about a new heroic dungeon. You can learn more details about that update here.


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