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Blade & Soul: Shroud of the Assassin Available Now

Plus new events

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can check out the Assassin third class specialization in Blade & Soul today.

The Assassin receives the Way of the Phantom specialization allowing them to wield energy with the new Phantom skill. You’ll also be check out the Twilight Slash ability.

Patch notes were also included as part of the update, including several events:

Phantom Reinforcement Chest

  • Duration: February 19 - March 25
  • To celebrate the release of the Way of the Phantom specialization for Assassin, a free pack will be available in the Hongmoon Store for 0 Hongmoon Coin

Blade & Soulmate 2020

  • Duration: February 19 - March 25
  • Reward Redemption Period: February 19 - April 22
  • Event Currency: Dark Hearts
    • The event currency can be obtained through Login rewards, Daily & Weekly Quests, and Fishing


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