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Blade & Soul Revolution Will Release on Android and iOS March 4th

Revolving March 4th

Steven Weber Posted:
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Blade & Soul Revolution announced its pre-registration event earlier this year. The game will now be available globally, beginning March 4th.

Blade & Soul Revolution will release on iOS and the Google Play store worldwide, and players that choose to pre-register will receive several rewards, including 1000 Black Crystals and one Premium Pet determined by your mobile platform.

Blade & Soul Revolution will feature five professions at launch:

  • The Blade Master
  • The Destroyer
  • The Kung Fu Master
  • The Force Master
  • The Summoner

Interestingly enough, Blade & Soul Revolution isn’t the only mobile version of Blade & Soul to hit the ground running this year. Blade & Soul II is looking like it will also release in Korea later this year. Will we see both Blade & Soul Games meet globally as well? Only time will tell.


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