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Blade & Soul Revolution Update Adds New Dungeon and Zones

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest update for Blade & Soul Revolution has brought a new dungeon and two new zones as part of the April Update.

Two new zones are now open for players to explore. Ruins of Resent, a new War Zone. This is effectively a hunting ground reserved for high level players. There’s also a new limited-time dungeon exclusively for the New Moon campaign.

If you’re successful in the dungeon, you’ll collect event coins. You can then exchange these coins for limited-time rewards like Seasonal Costumes, and an Awakened Fleeso Heroic Pet. This April Update also includes several improvements such as:

  • Moonlight Village Spinning Wheel – All players who participate in this event can receive 400 Silver Moons and other special rewards like additional coins, equipment, and more
  • Integrated matching that supports matching between servers, which allows PvP combat with players of other servers, is now live
  • Various convenience and UI / UX improvements

We recently covered the Moonlight Event here. If you haven’t jumped into Blade & Soul Revolution, we recently reviewed the game. You can read the full review here. overall, while we like the storyline, visuals, and voice work, we really didn’t like the auto-play, excessive cash shop, and inventory management.

Blade & Soul: Revolution requires a certain kind of player. This is not a traditional MMORPG by any sense of the word. The idle nature of the game may not resonate with players hoping for a recreation of Blade & Soul but on a mobile platform. The monetization and extensive shop choices are astonishing.”


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