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Blade & Soul Revolution Moonlight Event Now Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blade & Soul Revolution has received some new Easter-themed events ahead of the holiday, including a Moonlight Event exclusive dungeon.

This new dungeon is now live providing you the chance to earn event coins. You can then use these coins for rewards like seasonal outfits and heroic pet chests. Additionally, the Gift from Rina has been added with items like Moonbeam Soul Shield, a Moonbeam Equipment Chest and more.

Log-in rewards are also included in the event. Your reward for logging in consistently include Black Crystal. Logging in for 14 straight days will see you earn a max of 1x Moonlight Equipment Chest. These include a weapon, earrings, necklace, ring, and bracelet.

We recently had the chance to interview the team about combat and game design. If you missed that interview, you can catch up here. The combat and combo system were a huge point of focus for the team,

“We paid a lot of attention to the combat and combo system. When the Ultimate Skill gauge reaches 100% during battle, you can inflict a lot of damage to the opponent through a combo that links the skill of a player’s normal stance, and the skill of their Special Stance, while switching from the normal to the Special Stance.”

You can grab Blade & Soul Revolution from App Store and Google Play.  


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