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Blade & Soul Resets Great Windwalk Race Leaderboards and Steps Up Bans After Cheating

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Blade & Soul recently switched to planning its major content updates for every other month, and offering smaller updates and events during the other six months. The first of these smaller event-based updates, The Great Windwalk Race, was released this month, and now the team is taking action after some were found to have cheated and exploited their way onto the leaderboards.

The Great Windwalk Race is supposed to work this way. You travel to Cloudrift Summit and have a 30-minute countdown. In that 30-minute period, you will have to complete two quests in order to get an invite to actually take part in and complete the race. When you have that invitation, when 10 players are ready to enter the race, you go as fast as you can through the course. There are obstacles and other things to overcome, but essentially you are trying to rank on the leaderboards in order to score some rewards.  Timing matters too.

A few days after the event began, the team shared an update noting that they had found some times on the leaderboard that were impossible to get through normal play. They monitored the situation and took some action against the players who were deemed to have been cheating. In addition to removing the scores that were obviously the result of exploits, they restored the week one leaderboards to the legitimate ranks, only to find people started cheating again in week two. 

After this, they issued some more bans and warned against exploiting. As with these types of investigations, the team is keeping details about how the exploit is done under wraps, so this might be one reason that the bans have initially been temporary ones. After having to reset the week two leaderboard, NCSoft has stepped up and said that permanent bans are now on the table.

For more on the situation, see the update at Blade & Soul.


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