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Blade & Soul Receives Slithering Shadows Event on March 17

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blade & Soul is set to receive the Slithering Shadows event on March 17 bring a new raid dungeon and more.

The new 12 man raid dungeon is called Twisted Serpent Stronghold and is recommended for players level 60 – HM24. The update also brings a new legendary raid weapon. You can upgrade a Silversteel weapon stage 7,8, or 9 to the Shadow Fury weapon stage 1, 2, or 3. You’ll be able to do so with the Shadow Fury upgrade item. You can earn this item through the raid boss.

There’s also a renewal coming to Soulstone Plains, in addition to the arrival of the Call to Arms event. You can complete various daily challenges, weekly challenges, daily quests, login rewards, and dynamic quests as you work to unlock the Armory Chest. For each stage you unlock for the chest, you’ll receive materials to upgrade your equipment.

You can read the full details about this event here.


Poorna Shankar