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Blade & Soul Previews Its Storm of Arrows Items and Systems

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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As we approach the anticipated launch of Blade & Soul's new Storm of Arrows update, the developer revealed some major system changes and item updates ahead of the launch.

One of the major system changes is the separation of PvE and PvP stats. This separation should make it easier for players to see how their stats will affect each type of play, as well as help the dev team better balance skills for all types of players.

The unity system will be getting an upgrade as well, with the unity rank being increased from 120 to 150, as well as six new Radiance Stone slots being added, two for each stone type.

From the official news post on the site:

Speaking of stones—new Awakened Radiance and Ascension Stones will be available! Both can be purchased from the Merchant of Wonders and will also available for a limited time in the upcoming Treasure Trove, while the Awakened Ascension Stone can also be obtained from the Scarlet Conservatory Raid. New things don’t just stop there; Reputation Charms will also be available and can be obtained from Transmutation and the new raid, Throne of Oblivion. Keep your eyes out for the details when the patch notes are published on September 17.

Blade & Soul is also adding three new Legendary Bracelets: Wildsong, Stormsiege and Thundercall, and each can be created on Storm of Arrows is live. There will be a new dungeon, Cathedra Cliffs, where players can find the Storm Speaker Bracelent, and a new raid, Throne of Oblivion, where an Unrefined Bracelet can be found.

You can read the full update on the Blade & Soul website

This report was compiled with the help of Ralph Whitmore.


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