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Blade & Soul Previews Dual Blade Class Launching Alongside Unreal Engine 4 Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Dual Blade class arrives alongside the Unreal Engine 4 update for Blade & Soul on September 8. But just how does the class play? The team has provided a preview ahead of its debut.

The date for the Unreal Engine 4 upgrade was announced last month and is slated for September 8. If you missed that announcement, we’ve got you covered. Just a few days ago, pre-downloading this update was made available.

The Dual Blade was hinted at during those announcements. Just recently, the team provided additional details on this class. The Dual Blade is described as a close quarter combat melee class and is restricted to the Jin or Yun race.

Dual Blades wield twin swords and include the Way of the Shifting Blades and Way of the Lotus specializations. These two specializations are actually quite different. Shifting Blades focuses on the use of stances for targeted attacks whereas Lotus is all about managing your resources used to buff your skills.

Shifting Blades includes three stances: Fangblade, Skyblade, and Skyfang. Each stance has myriad abilities associated with it. Way of the Lotus includes two abilities called Cyclone Slash and Primordia.

As the team notes,

“The Dual Blade class can be an easy or difficult class to master depending on your specialization choice. Way of the Shifting Blades caters to those who seek a challenge, while Way of the Lotus embraces the straightforward bravado of a sword fighter.”

You can learn more about the Dual Blade ahead of its Blade & Soul arrival here.


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