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Blade & Soul Outlines System Changes and Items in the Eternal Blade Update February 17th

Blades are Eternal?

Steven Weber Posted:
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Blade & Soul has some changes on the way in the for of a big update – Blade & Soul: Eternal Blade. The update will bring a lot of changes, and some of those related to dungeons and legendary items were outlined in a preview article this week.

Players will see a new solo dungeon, the Spectral Shrine. The Spectral Shrine will be available in three different modes:

  • Easy – as a Duo encounter
  • Normal – as solo encounter
  • Hard - as a solo encounter

New legendary accessories, that include belts, necklaces and earrings will also head to the game with both PvE and PvP options. There will also be changes made to Unity Rank. Unity Rank will be expanded to 210, from 180, so players can continue building reputation from daily and weekly challenges. A new Unity Store will also be added with a bunch of enhancement items to earn. Blade & Soul recently celebrated their 5th anniversary. Eternal Blade is the latest content update to hit the game, and players can expect a full list of patch notes, February 16th.


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