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Blade & Soul Outlines New Mischief Makers Events

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A bunch of new events are hitting Blade & Soul as part of Mischief Makers, giving you plenty of opportunities for new rewards, gear, and more.

The first of these events is Candycloud Carnival. This begins on April 14 and runs through May 12. To enter this event, you’ll need to grab the “Candycloud on the Horizon” quest from the Quest Journal. However, if you’ve already completed this quest, it won’t be in your journal. You can therefore just enter Candycloud Park through Jadestone Village.

Completing the Candycloud Calamity daily quests will net you 20 Candycloud Taffy and 1 Starwheel Ticket. You can turn these items in for several rewards. You can gain additional taffy through login rewards.

The Twilight Harvest event is next and runs April 14 through May 12 on weekends only. The reward is the Lunar Twilight Flower which you’ll continue to gain every time you complete the Rage Against the Longgui quest. The Premier Path event runs on April 14 through May 12 and lets you transmute Special Hongmoon XP charms to Premier.

Hongmoon Headway is last and runs from April 14 through April 20. You’ll be able to redeem a Small Honing Oil Chest for zero coins at the Hongmoon store once per day. Check out the full details of these events here.

In other Blade & Soul news, the Slithering Shadows update went live last month with events set to end on April 14. If you were able to check it out, let us know down below what you thought of the events.


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