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Blade & Soul Opens Up a Rewarding Great Windwalk Race

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Blade & Soul’s latest update is one of the new smaller updates centered around at least a central event in between big content updates every other month. This month, NCSoft welcomes everyone to  the Great Windwalk Race.

The event is now live and once you teleport to Cloudrift Summit and join the crowd, you have a 30 minute countdown to enter the race, before you automatically fail. So within that 30 minutes you need to get ready and complete two quests to get the invite to complete the race itself. These quests are the new daily, “Race to the Top” and a repeatable quest, “Cloudrift Relay”. Once you do those successfully, you'll enter the race starting zone and wait for at least 10 players to be ready to enter.

When there’s a field of 10 ready to go, you’ll run as fast as you can through the course. Naturally, there are obstacles and the speed might throw you off some, but the goal is to get finished. If you struggle with the obstacles, you may lose time, but the race does have checkpoints, so if you fall, you will suffer damage but you only go as far back as the last checkpoint you passed.

The goal is to reach the top of the mountain, running across chains, rocks, and walls. If you are a Blade & Soul player, you should be used to Windwalking, but maybe not in an all-out dash like this.

Once you finish the race, everyone's performance will be tallied and there will be rewards.  the rewards are also based on completion time. If you fail the race, you’ll still get a Racer’s Charm for participating, but if you complete it, and more, if you complete it under 3 minutes and 30 seconds, there will be reward pouches. 

Every week, the top 1,000 ranked finishers will get prizes, including Cloudrift coins, which can be traded for event rewards. At the end of the season, the top 1k overall get additional loot.

For more on the event, head to Blade & Soul.


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