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Blade & Soul Opens The Celestial Path With Dungeons and Loot, Plus a Two-Part Soul Arena Season

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The latest Blade & Soul update begins the Celestial Basin Renewal event, which brings new quests, new bosses to conquer, and of course, shiny rewards for your efforts. This April update also features the Soul Arena, and the opening of the Celestial Path next week.

The Stratus Empire’s Gunwon City is seeing some mysterious changes, and of course it’s you who has to get in there and battle it out with the new forces brought in by several factions. Be prepared to handle forces from the Scavengers, Croxar, and the Aomak. The new quests available are the Celestial Resurgence and Brawl in the Basin. The first is a Letter quest and the latter is your repeatable daily quest. Rewards for your daily quest are the Jyansei’s Supply Chest. Some of the other items you might exchange for are the Celestial Basin XP Charm, Moonstone Crystal Chest, or the Soulstone Crystal Chest.

Several other events begin on April 13th and run through May 11th. These are Soul Arena, which is split into two seasons, Raider’s Fortune event, Charmed Life event, Koldrak’s Return and the Baleful Bounty event. 

Of these, Soul Arena is a big one, and its return should get plenty of attention. Since it has split into two seasons, with the first season beginning on April 13th at 7 a.m. and ending on April 27th at 7 AM. You'll be able to grab rewards until May 11th. Season 2 will begin right after the first one ends and that one will end on May 11th 2022. You'll be able to get your rewards up until June 8th.

As part of the Soul Arena event, you'll be able to grab the Inner Strength Dynamic Quest which gives you an XP reward and five large Fortune potions. If you rank on the weekly boards or the season boards, you'll also get special rewards. A weekly ranking gets a Fearless token and a season rank gets you a Conquest Token. All of these are in addition to any other rewards you might get for ranking.

For the full notes, head to  Blade & Soul.


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