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Blade & Soul Opens a Cursed Legacy When the New Update is Out on June 8th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 On June 8th, Cursed Legacy comes to Blade & Soul. Sunny warm weather has arrived in many places, and it’s just in time for some shadows and darkness to roll in. The update has been announced, with some of its major features to include a Namdo Shrine Dungeon, the return of Summer Treasure Trove, and more.

The Namdo Shrine Dungeon follows last month’s request for help from the Namdo Clan to help find their Master Tayjin. This new dungeon brings you into the mysteries of Nykarri Island. The mystery and search for new answers after proving yourself is, of course, up to you. You’ll find that Chaos has transformed the place, and a new mystery unfolds, figuring out why this has happened to the space so important to the Southern Tiger.

Another feature in the update is Hongsil’s Workshop, which opens up again. Hongsil needs your help to regain control of Princess Bloodlust, one of her powerful creations. Help her out and restore order for rewards. You should also prepare for some new Daily challenges.

Also returning is the Summer Treasure Trove. This time around, the team has taken and implemented some changes to Treasure Trove based on player feedback. There are no details yet on what these changes will be, but expect the experience back in the update. Finally, another feature coming back is Hongmoon Boot Camp for all of your PvP gear improvement needs.

The Succession system added in the recent New Empires update also lends itself to the new mythical accessories, this time a necklace and gloves at Starcross level, with Gildstones for each. 

While details are slim as of this announcement, it’s clear that there is a mix of new content and new challenges built upon recent updates, and some returning opportunities to gear yourself up and progress overall. Expect more details by next week.

See the announcement over at Blade & Soul.


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