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Blade & Soul - New Midnight Reborn Update Releases August 19th, Patch Notes Revealed

Midnight Reborn Update Releases After Midnight Tonight

Steven Weber Posted:
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A huge new patch known as the Midnight Reborn update will be available for Blade & Soul players tomorrow that will feature new events, a new stat enhancement system, a new Heart tier and new collections. Players can also look forward to increased difficulty in the Midnight Skypetal Plains Raid, with greater rewards.

The new stat enhancement system known as Compound is available at level 60. The system will boost character stats by fusing accessories with Runes. The accessories used in the Compound process will be destroyed and cannot be retrieved.

The extremely long list of detailed notes can be found over at the official site. A short list of some of the details can be found below:

  • Contents & Events
  • Midnight Skypetal Plains has been renewed
  • 5 new events are now available.
  • A new stat enhancement system, Compound, is now available.
  • A new Heart is now available.
  • A new collection is available

NCSoft has been working hard at getting out some fantastic content for Blade & Soul over the past several months. The Dark Passage Update that released back in July was just a prelude to tomorrows next set of exciting content.


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