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Blade & Soul Infinite Inferno Update Opens New Dungeon, and Adds the Warden's Explosive New Specialization

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Blade & Soul's latest update, Infinite Inferno, is now live, and it features the new Warden specialization, Way of the Inferno, a new Mythical dungeon, new daily challenge quests, rewards, and some new events.

Way of the Inferno is the third specialization for the Warden, and it lends fiery, explosive effects to the Warden's weapons. The new skills that come with this specialization add fire energy to the Greatsword and unlock some powerful defenses too. Flame Oath will buff the Warden’s defenses but also lend the Fury effect to retaliate when enemies attack. Cinder can stack up to seven times and the Warden can then use the skill Forge, which will trigger a Meltdown state in which the player is immune to status effects for a period and the Greatsword gains buffed attack power and critical rates. There’s also a special Soul Flare that can be used to give a Warden fiery wings.

The update also brings a new Mythical dungeon, Altar of the Infinite, along with a series of achievements that come with taking on the dungeon and racking up points. There are also two new accessories you have the chance to obtain as reward, Starcross Bracelet and Starcross Belt. The weekly quest, A Masterful Task, has been updated to now include the boss,  Soryan, from the new dungeon, giving more opportunities for challenge. As an intro bonus, through August 10th, the Altar of Rewards event will double daily quest rewards for the new dungeon.

There are several new events including Fortune Falls, which is on now through August 10th. You'll be able to complete a daily event dungeon Fortune Falls to get Fortune Cups to exchange for loot and Giganura’s Bounty, which you can open to get rewards. There’s also a new fishing rewards event.

Head over to Blade & Soul for the full update notes, including balance changes, event details, and a full rundown of rewards.


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