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Blade & Soul Gifts of the Realm Events Going On Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A few new events are here for Blade & Soul called the Gifts of the Realm events. These events bring more rewards for your adventuring in the game. Here are the details you need to know if you want to hop in and check them out.

The first of these events is called the Spinning Stars Event. It’s currently ongoing and will run through May 12. To participate, you’ll need to complete Candycloud Park Daily quest, called Candycloud Calamity, seven times in total. Once you do so, you’ll receive five Starwheel tickets. You can redeem these tickets until June 16 and can use them over at the Wheel of Fate which can be found in Hogshead Hamlet.

The next event is called the Honing In Event. It, too, is ongoing and will run through May 12. It’s surprisingly self-explanatory. You’ll have to complete five Daily Challenges for at least seven days during the event period. Doing so will see you rewarded with 40 Honing Oils.

As with most event rewards, you’ll be mailed your rewards through the in-game mail system during maintenance when both of these events conclude on May 12. Keep in mind, rewards are available only once per account. You can learn more here.

Blade & Soul hasn’t been short of events lately. The latest update, Mischief Makers, brought several new events in addition to Summoner class specializations. You can read about that update here. And just last month, the game received the Slithering Shadows update which also brought about several rewards.


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