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Blade & Soul: Divine Break Update Live Today

Tons of changes, new dungeon, new tweaks, and much more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Divine Break update for Blade & Soul is live today.

The update brings several new additions and events to the game. Act XI: Balance of Power is being added where you’ll head to the Divine Realm to halt the chaos from spreading and taking over. Additionally, the Force Master Third Class Specialization, called the Way of the Lightning, is also being added.

Two new events are hitting, both running from June 24 through July 22. The first is a Lightning Reinforcement Chest event, and the second is a Realmtrotter event. Additionally, a new dungeon called Halcyon Hills will be available.

Several skills are being addressed as well. For example, the Assassin will see Way of the Serpent, Way of the Shadow, and Way of the Phantom addressed. Here’s how Way of the Serpent will be tweaked and fixed,

  • Fixed an issue with Paragon Soul Badge equipped where the Liberty effect disappears when both Liberty and Resurgence effects are applied at the same time.
  • Increased Heart Stab damage during Fighting Spirit.

Equipment and items are also being addressed, receiving fixes and changes. You can check out what all is new in this content update right here.


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