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Blade & Soul Closes Out Summer With a Bang With Various Events

Might Reborn Hits August 19

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Midnight Reborn arrives on Blade & Soul on August 19 bringing with it events, a new compound system, and more to close out the summer.

First up, a new Heart Tier will allow you to upgrade your heart in order to increase your attack power, critical, and HP. You can also unlock the Resolution Strike skill which will deal 250k damage when it’s triggered.

The new Compound System will let you boost your stats through adding accessories. You can also fuse them with runes. This will be a secondary equipment window where you can keep your accessories so you can engrave these runes.

A bunch of new events are also coming in Midnight Reborn such as Heart Maker, Summer Chill, Hongmoon Bootcamp, Angler’s Unity, and Midnight Hour. For example, Summer Chill will give you frosty drinks, plus the chance to grab the new Heatwave bathing suit, plus the Premium 7-day pass. Heart Maker will give you a chance to upgrade hearts at a lower material and gold cost. If you’ve been putting off upgrading your heart, this one is for you.


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