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Blade & Soul Autumn Overture Update Opens Up Several Rewarding Events, and Adds New Cosmetics

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Today, Blade & Soul gets the new Autumn Overture update, opening up three new events, packing in the rewards, and adding some new cosmetic items for customization.

The transition from the summer events, the new patch updates the daily login rewards, We're both free and premium players can get special items for spending certain amount sof time playing the game. The community also got to weigh in on rewards for the Dragon Express premium membership, and after consideration, the team has updated the pool to provide more relevant items. This also goes live in this patch. 

Well there's no new major challenges to take on, there are three events that will run from September 14th through October 12th. The first, Hongsil’s Treasure Draw. The event will run periodically throughout the day. You’ll need an Enchanted Ticket to enter, which you can get from login rewards. You can enter up to 10 times per round, and once a board has 100 entries, the prize draw happens. This one will require a bit of luck, but you can get things like Enchanted Chests (regular, Sparkling, and Legendary), pouches, and essence.

Raid Plus is the second new event, and  this means triple raid quest rewards for three particular raids - Throne of Oblivion, The Steelbreaker, and Scarlet Conservatory. The final event is the weekly challenge where weekly quest rewards are doubled. This depends on how many weekly quests you complete during the event, but you can walk away with many rewards.

Has also added new types of cosmetic events. The first is a nameplate, which will let you customize how your name is displayed with new options.  The second of the new cosmetic items is called a speech box and this displays your chat text with a different looking speech balloon. We should expect more of these to roll out over time.

For the notes, head over to Blade & Soul.


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