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Blade & Soul Adjusts 2023 Update Schedule and Outlines February Events

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In 2022, Blade & Soul got a new direction, moving the big content updates to every other month, and promising events and smaller content updates in between. NCSoft has an update for 2023, what to expect, and details about February’s events.

This year, as detailed in a new letter, expect a few changes to the new update cadence. Due to needing some additional time to work on certain upcoming content, there will be two months with lighter content than originally planned, with the first month affected being February (the second is tentatively September). However, with this, they’ll have a livestream later this month to preview what will be a more robust March update.

In the year in review and look ahead, they also highlighted some of the changes and responses to community feedback. One of the important ones is the gold economy. Adding gold rewards for dailies helped the economy and a gold drought. Their changes to Dragon Express for premium updated and improved rewards for this tier and were also received well.

For the rest of 2023, NCSoft is making a few feedback and communication promises. First, we can expect at least two Producer Letters, and they’ll be working to grow Blade & Soul and continue to pay attention to feedback. 

With the situation regarding the February update clearer, there is still some new content and an event on the way. The update, Race to the Summit, will be out next week on February 8th, and features the return of The Great Windwalking Race. 

This event was well-received when it was first introduced last fall, though some went on to mar the experience with cheating. Still, the team was able to reset the leaderboards and make changes to secure the results and restart the event more fairly. The parkour course from the first edition will return to challenge.

February will also bring the return of Blade & Soulmate, the Valentine’s event, and Soul Boost, the progression event.

Read the full update at Blade & Soul.


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