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Blade & Soul Adds New Solo Dungeon, Tweaks Weapons, and Starts Three Events

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The latest Blade & Soul update rolls out a new solo dungeon, Sanctum of the Masters, changes to equipment, and adds new events.

The new solo dungeon is the centerpiece of this update, and if you are looking for a brand new challenge you'll be able to get it in easy, normal, and hard difficulty modes. At each difficulty level, there will be 30 waves of monsters to take on. You'll be able to use the strategy card system to optimize battles. The Sanctum of the Masters Quest is a letter quest,  and if you complete the daily, Master Undone, you’ll earn yourself 25,000 XP, 12,500 reputation and 17 gold and 50 silver plus several chests as rewards. Clear the waves and earn the Master’s Chest beginning at wave 5, with more rewards beginning at the 10th wave. Do well and rank on the leaderboards for even more loot.

Equipment changes include an adjustment to the cost of Thornbreaker Stage 3 to Thornbreaker stage 9 and Dragon Spire Weapon Stage 6-9 to Silversteel Weapon 6-9. The Soul Shield and Shadow Fury Soul Shields will both now also offer additional PvP stats if you equip some combination of 5 soul shields. Sacred Vials are now removed from the Heart Upgrade requirements from True Virtuous Heart to True Dauntless Heart.

Speaking of Sacred Vials, one of the events now available to enjoy is the Trial of Vials event, which runs through March 9th. You’ll be able to complete two weekly challenges two times to earn one Sacred Vial. These will be given out on March 9th after the event ends. 

Also beginning today is the Stepping Stones event. This one lets you complete 5 daily challenges over 7 days during the event period, which also ends on March 9th. If you complete the challenge, you’ll get a one-time bundle of 20 Fusion Stones.

Finally, enjoy the Blade & Soulmate Valentine’s Day event. Take on challenges to earn some candy hearts and sweetheart coins to exchange for rewards. 

See the full update notes over at Blade & Soul.


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