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Blade & Soul Adds Mounts, With Horses Up First to Unlock

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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There’s a new way to get around in Blade & Soul. If you’re a little tired of walking, you’ll now have the option of getting yourself a horse.

When it comes to MMOs, mounts are such a common feature that even when a game lets you travel in different ways, they’re still usually present. Until now, though, they weren’t a Blade & Soul feature. To start, there will be two horses to acquire for players level 60 and above. You can unlock them via Treasure Trove. There will be other mounts added in the future through the Hongmoon Store for you to collect and show off.

You will be able to get your horses, which feature increased sprint and water dash speed, and the team has added a shortcut so you can summon your mount to you at any time. When you press and some in your mount to you, your character will automatically appear mounted.  while you're characters are on their horses, you won't be able to do social actions or enter combat. So you won't be able to use any skills or even enter an area where mounts aren't permitted. Those places include dungeons, instances, and certain zones.

One advantage is that mounts have infinite Windwalking, so if you are mounted, you can just go full speed wherever you need to. The downside, as listed in the announcement regarding mounts, is that “horses are currently unable to Air Dash or Wall Dash at this time” (imagine that for a moment). However, there could be additional Windwalking abilities for future mounts. 

Blade & Soul will also be adding the new Musician class, new dungeon, and more with the Symphony of Destruction update on October 12th. That update is on track, except for the Windwalking Race event. For now, however, get ready to unlock some horses.

Read all about the new mounts at Blade & Soul.


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