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Blade & Soul 11.2 Patch Brings New Solo Dungeon and New Events

Blade & Soulmate

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Blade & Soul patch brings with it new events, dungeons, and more.

The new solo dungeon, called Spectral Shrine, is now available for you to test your mettle. It’ll be available through March 17 and provides a normal reward in addition to a bonus reward, with the exact reward depending on the difficulty level of that dungeon.

The patch also brings about several item changes, including upgrade costs. For example, here are some of the upgrade cost changes:

  • Storm Speaker Necklace → Vista Necklace
    • x1 Bloodstone Fragment
  • Storm Speaker Necklace → Amplitude Necklace
    • x1 Soulstone Crystal
  • Storm Speaker Belt → Rapture Belt
      • x1 Bloodstone Fragment
  • Storm Speaker Belt → Edict Belt
    • x1 Soulstone Crystal

The patch also brings tweaks to the Unity system, Unity store, merchant, in addition to various events. The Blade & Soulmate event is running through March 17, with chocolate hearts comprising the event currency. You can get this currency through login rewards, dailies, daily challenges, and also by simply defeating monsters.

You can check out the full patch notes here. In the meanwhile, check out the trailer for Blade & Soul 2’s combat.


Poorna Shankar