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Blade & Sorcery Exits Early Access With 'The End' 1.0 Update

Casey Bell Posted:
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Blade & Sorcery has finally left early access with its 1.0 update, six years after its debut in 2018.

One of the main features of the update is the introduction of the Crystal Hunt game mode. This allows players to start their journey as a “lowly warrior or mage” and gain strength by finding loot in dungeons, buying and selling weapons and armor, and unlocking new skills. This gives players who want it a bit more direction than the game’s default sandbox experience.  

The Dalgarian Dungeon biome is another new addition.  These differ from the Outpost in terms of scale, with larger, more open layouts.

Crystal Hunt will also feature a skill tree, with five branches: Fire, Gravity, Lightning, Body, and Mind. Players can choose to specialize in a particular element or be a jack of all trades by allocating points to multiple branches.  The developer estimates that players will have two fully unlocked skill trees or one tree and a number of random skills by the time they reach the game’s end.

There’s lots more in the update, too. There are new skills, a Golem enemy to fight, collectible bits of lore, a remake of the Ruins map, and others.


Casey Bell